Hopeful Hearts partners with Bethany Children’s Home in Kerala, India, supporting 95 girls with housing, food, and clothing. The children range in age from 4-18 and operate as one big family. They eat, sleep, clean, work, and worship together. The older girls help with assigned chores and help the younger children with daily needs such as bathing, clothes washing, meal prep, and chores.

Meals are prepared by cooks, but children serve and clean. Clothes are washed by children at rock stations with water raised from the well. The property supports eight cows, three goats, ducks, and chickens. The children grow bananas, tapioca, coffee, pineapple, coconut, and spices. The children walk two miles to and from school, older children matched with younger children.

Each year Bethany Children’s Home conducts Vacation Bible School (VBS), which is an opportunity for children in neighboring villages, many of whom are very poor, to be nourished in many ways, especially with the presentation of the gospel message. Over 1,500 children attended VBS in 2014. Many children gave their life to Christ, and now we ask for your prayers that they will remain faithful and be rooted and grow in the knowledge of Christ in an area where the Hindu and Muslim religions attempt to intimidate and steal these new believers.