Myanmar (Burma)

Hopeful Hearts currently supports 167 children in Myanmar, with 142 living in orphanages and 25 living in transition homes. Hopeful Hearts provides and/or subsidizes costs of food, housing, medicine, education, and much more.

We regularly send teams to Myanmar to deliver Vacation Bible School (VBS), which often attracts hundreds of children beyond the 167 who receive day-to-day support. We have partnered with Teach to Transform to provide much needed medical training, as well as instruction in motorcycle maintenance, hair cutting, sewing, and so on.

We have completed many special projects in Myanmar, such as providing 50 new mattresses, offering tutoring for special needs children, and much more. We have also provided a micro-enterprise development loan to start a dairy farm, which is helping the largest home to become more self-sufficient. The loan provided for over 10 cows, and the entrepreneur began to show a profit within one year. He has already started to repay the loan, and he expects to repay the loan in full over the next 18 months.