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Buy A Bike Challenge
Buy-A-Bike for Orphans in Myanmar

Over 20 years ago, my wife and I were founding members of Hopeful Hearts Foundation, Inc.  We had just been to Ukraine at age 50 and adopted an eight month old baby that weighed only 9 pounds!  There are fish bigger than that!!  God kept opening doors in Ukraine and we kept walking through them step by step.  We ended our 3 week stay in Ukraine and headed home with our wonderful miracle, Christian!! (formerly Igor).  But on our hearts were also with the hundreds of orphans we left behind.  We vowed to God that we would do our best to help as many as we possibly could.  Hence, the start of Hopeful Hearts Foundation.

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Fast forward to our latest short term project, “BUY A BIKE”.  In Myanmar, we assist over 200 children at one location. This location has been funded by Hopeful Hearts and has been a wonderful blessing to many.  The main transportation in Myanmar is bussing or biking.  Our purpose is to get each child a bike to call their own.  It can change their world!

For many years we helped and visited orphans at several rundown orphanages in Ukraine.  These children needed food, vitamins, medicine and love which we did our best to provide.  Our work there after many years was mostly halted due to Russian takeover of the area we worked in.  Our work and care was then moved to other 3rd world countries.  It continues today due to support by many donors.

Your small investment of $75 buys one bike.  The bike is made in Myanmar, so it also helps local economy.

Why Bikes

Here’s what one bike can do:

  • Gives a young person the largest physical gift ever received
  •  Gives a young person ownership in a valuable possession
  • Gives a young person confidence
  • Gives a young person responsibility
  • Gives a young person the knowledge that someone somewhere really loves them unconditionally
  •  Gives a young person more faith in God and hope for their future

And look what your gift of one or several bikes can do for you:

  •     The knowledge that you have really helped someone much less fortunate than you
James 2:22 says "You see that Abraham's faith AND Abraham's actions were working together, and his faith was made COMPLETE by what he did"

If this touches your heart as it has done ours, please consider helping us in this cause. 

Trip and Roxie Pottinger
Louisville, Ky

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