Dreams Coming True in Sri Lanka

Subashini’s Story–Dreams Coming True in Sri Lanka

Hopeful Hearts Foundation’s ministry is brought to life by hearing stories from our partner’s across the globe. This is Subashini’s story from Sri Lanka:

“My name is Subashini.  I was 12 years old when I came to the FootPrints Home.  There were 7 of us in my family. My father was unemployed due to various addictions.  My mother was illiterate.  I remember the time when my mother would take me to sit outside a temple and spread her shawl on the ground, begging for money.   They were difficult days for us.  

12 Subashini
12 Years Old

When my mother heard about FootPrints homes, she visited them. After that visit, my sisters, my brother and I found a home.  Here  at the FootPrints home, we were given opportunities to go to school and we did not go hungry.   Everyone was loving and kind to us.  I was able to sit for the public exams.  At this home I also discovered about the love of Jesus and had the freedom to read the Bible and to worship the Lord Jesus.  I accepted Him to my heart and here I began my spiritual journey with the Lord.

Grown Subashini.png
25 years old

 I am currently following  a Diploma in Primary Education at a recognized academy.  When I was a little girl, I had a desire to be a teacher, and this ambition is being fulfilled  as I have the opportunity to teach at Alpha College.   I pray that I will be a good teacher in the future and impact many children.”

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