Hopeful Hearts supports nearly 50 children in two orphanages providing sustenance, including chicken, fish, fruit, and vegetables.

Before we started helping these children, rice was their main food source. Our current level of support is only enough to give them 2 to 3 servings of chicken, fish, fruit, and vegetables per week. Additional funding would allow us to increase our food supplements for these children.

The children have additional needs besides food. When they are declared orphans by the government, they are required to attend schools that charge tuition, which makes it difficult for them to get an education.

Our support in Indonesia started in 2012 with the life-saving support of Baby Sarah, an orphan who needed special formula in order to survive. Hopeful Hearts helped in furnishing the special formula. God saved Baby Sarah through our help and the prayers of many Believers around the world.

Hhf Partner Indonesia 1
Hhf Partner Indonesia 2

Prayer Points

  • Pray for religious freedom throughout the country as Christians are highly persecuted.
  • Pray that our partner can reach more children for Christ.
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Serve in Indonesia

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