Sibling’s Story of Success

Hopeful Hearts Foundation works with an orphanage located in Myanmar (formally Burma). This is a story about 3 siblings who came into the care of the Christian Village, which is supported by Hopeful Hearts Foundation. Here is a story from our partner who runs the orphanage, Samuel.

Three siblings were sent to the orphanage in Myanmar four years ago in 2019. Their ages are 14, 12 and 9 years old. They came to the orphanage because their father died in a car accident in Chin Hills, and their mother had no way to survive with four kids (the youngest of the siblings is still with their mother). So she sent them to the Christian Village to be looked after. Hopeful Hearts’ partner that runs the orphanage in Myanmar tried to contact their mother last year because the children had asked about their mother. Unfortunately, she was unable to be contacted due to her village having caught on fire and all the villagers fleeing to other places. Since then, no relatives including their mother have ever asked or called about these siblings for the past 4 years.  Despite that, they are good and hard working kids. The eldest boy is very handy and now able to do many construction works like brick laying and mixing good concrete. The boys want to become engineers, the older one wants to be a singer, and youngest one wants to be a school teacher.

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Because of your donations and prayer, these siblings are able to have a safe and Christian home where they can learn skills and get an education.

Thank you for your support of Hopeful Hearts so we can help provide a necessary safe haven for children like these.

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(Pictured) Pa Thiang (14 years, 8th grade ), Thian Nei Par (12 years, 5th grade), Thian Sawm Kim(9 years old, 3rd grade

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