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Sibling’s Story of Success

Hopeful Hearts Foundation works with an orphanage located in Myanmar (formally Burma). This is a story about 3 siblings who came into the care of the Christian Village, which is supported by Hopeful Hearts Foundation. Here is a story from our partner who runs the orphanage, Samuel. Three siblings were sent to the orphanage in … Read more
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Manoj’s Story

Hopeful Hearts Foundation partners with Christian based orphanages around the world. One orphanage we support is in Sri Lanka. Manoj has lived at this orphanage since he was 4 years old. Here is his story in his own words: “My name is Manoj.  I was 4 years old when I came to the Boys Home.  … Read more
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How a 9 year old in Kentucky is changing lives (Addison’s Story)

Hey everyone, it’s me, Addison! I’m 9 years old, and I want to share my thoughts about Hopeful Hearts, a charity that’s really special to me. So, Hopeful Hearts is this awesome group that helps kids who might not have parents or who are going through tough stuff. My mom and dad are super involved … Read more
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Join Hopeful Hearts: Experience Maximum Joy in Changing Lives

Imagine a scale that measures the joy you feel when you give—a scale where every donation brings about the pinnacle of happiness, scoring a perfect 10. That’s precisely what we strive for at Hopeful Hearts. When you donate to us, we want your joy to be off the charts, connected through stories, communication, and purpose. … Read more
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Spreading Hope through Christ’s Love: Hopeful Hearts’ Journey in Kenya

Since our initial venture into Kenya in 2017, Hopeful Hearts has embarked on a transformative mission, aiming not only to provide support but also to share the transformative message of Jesus Christ with children in need. What began as exploratory meetings evolved into profound relationships with our partners dedicated to nurturing and uplifting vulnerable children … Read more
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Calling Churches to Make a Difference: Partner with Hopeful Hearts in TransformingLives

Is your church or small group seeking a profound way to embody the compassion of Jesus Christ? Look no further! Hopeful Hearts offers an extraordinary opportunity for local churches to collaborate in international missions and charitable endeavors. Partnering with Hopeful Hearts opens a door to impactful initiatives that directly touch the lives of orphans and … Read more
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Urgent Call for Peace: Hopeful Hearts’ Mission in Haiti with El Bethel Orphanage

In the tumultuous terrain of Haiti, Hopeful Hearts Foundation is deeply entrenched in a critical mission alongside Pastor Milhomme, offering care and refuge to 27 vulnerable orphans situated north of Port-au-Prince. The El Bethel Orphanage, under Pastor Milhomme’s unwavering care, has been a bastion of safety, a haven amidst the storms of uncertainty. Last year, … Read more
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Making a Difference in Sri Lanka: Hopeful Hearts’ Impact on Children’s Lives

Sri Lanka, a land of rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, is also home to countless children in need of care and support. Hopeful Hearts, with its unwavering dedication to making a positive difference, has extended its reach to Sri Lanka, touching the lives of numerous children through various initiatives. One of the significant ventures undertaken … Read more
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Nurturing Orphans in Myanmar, Guiding Them to Jesus

In the heart of Myanmar, a remarkable transformation is taking place, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Hopeful Hearts Foundation in collaboration with their esteemed partner, Samuel Thang. What started as a small-scale initiative with around 30 children has blossomed into a life-changing movement, now supporting and nurturing 68 children under Samuel’s compassionate care, alongside … Read more

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